KsAWWA’s Richard Porter Section Service Award

This award was established in 2006 in memory of long time member Richard Porter. The award will be given to a section member who has demonstrated support and commitment to the Kansas section. This commitment could be represented by the following:

  • An active role in one or more committees;
  • Participation in Section conferences or training seminars;
  • Demonstration of a friendly and welcoming attitude to new and current members of the section;
  • Service as an example to others of the role of the section as a leader in providing service and support to others in the water industry; and/or
  • Promotion of a positive image of the section.

Previous Recipients

2023 Fred Jones
2022 Jim Jackson
2021 Martha Tasker
2020 Jim Epp
2019 Lester Estelle
2018 Dr. Stephen Randtke
2017 Kurt Bookout
2016 Dan Defore
2015 David Waldo
2014 Garry Turner
2013 David Egger
2012 Jerry Blain
2011 Fred Douglas
2010 Don L. Gray
2009 Hank Corcoran Boyer
2008 Ron Rhodes
2007 Terryl Pajor
2006 Dick Pedrotti