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The Operator Training Committee of the KsAWWA had developed training manuals to assist with training of operators to receive their Operator Certification from KDHE. When the manuals became outdated the committee also realized that many of the things in the individual manuals pertained to all manuals. The NE Sub-Committee of the OTC took on the project of re-writing the manual and incorporating everything into one manual.

This manual is for sale along with a CD for $95 by contacting Hank Corcoran Boyer, Section Manager at hboyer@cox.net.

The chapters in the manual are as follows:

Chapter 1 Regulations

Chapter 2 Safety

Chapter 3 Record keeping

Chapter 4 Math for Water Treatment Operators

Chapter 5 SCADA

Chapter 6 Practical Water Chemistry

Chapter 7 Basic System Hydraulics

Chapter 8 Pumps and Pumping Stations

Chapter 9 Emergency Response and Planning Guidance

Chapter 10 Common Water Quality Problems

Chapter 11 Chemical Feed

Chapter 12 Customer Service Basics

Chapter 13 Analytical Techniques

Chapter 14 Filtration

Chapter 15 CT Calculations

Chapter 16 Turbidity Testing and Calibration

Chapter 17 Main Leak Repair

Chapter 18 Hydrants and Valves

Chapter 19 Water Loss and Leak Detection

Chapter 20 Cross-Connection Basics

Chapter 21 Storage

Chapter 22 Geology Hydraulics

Chapter 23 Well Location, Investigation, Design and Construction

Chapter 24 Well Maintenance

Chapter 25 Iron and Manganese Treatment


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