Welcome to the Kansas Section of the American Water Works Association

KsAWWA Chair Andrew Hansen

Welcome and thank you for visiting the KsAWWA website. This website has been developed as a resource to promote our common purpose of providing safe and reliability drinking water for everyone.  If you have any additional needs or questions, I urge you to reach out to myself or any other board member for support.

We recently held our first board meeting on October 15. Much like Mr. Grunhard, our keynote speaker at the annual conference, I challenged our board members to do at least one thing above and beyond to make a difference for the KsAWWA Section in the coming year. In the same manner, I would challenge each of you to do your part in making our organization stronger. Things as simple as attending a YP event or supporting a committee can make a big difference when we all do our part.

As an organization we have a lot of things going on. We are working actively with KDHE on issues pertaining to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), operator certification, and other legislative updates. Committees are actively engaged and developing goals and budgets for the coming year. And lastly, preparation is well underway for the 12th Annual KWEA/KsAWWA Joint Conference on September 1-3, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency in Wichita.

Thanks to each of you for the work you do within the water industry. I am truly humbled and honored to lead the KS Section over the coming year.

Andrew Hansen
KsAWWA Chair
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(913) 961-3677

Stephen Randtke, KsAWWA Director

Welcome to our website! As director of the Kansas Section of the American Water Works Association, it is my privilege to represent our section on the AWWA Board of Directors. Please feel free to contact me to share your questions, suggestions, or concerns about what is happening at the Association level, the resources available to our Section, or opportunities to participate in the Association’s programs and committee activities.

If you are not a member of AWWA but are involved or interested in effectively managing water resources, for example, maintaining adequate water supplies, protecting source water quality, or providing safe drinking water, I strongly encourage you to join AWWA. Please see our membership page for information about joining AWWA, and see AWWA’s website for more information about the Association. Please feel free to contact me or others in our organization with any questions you have about membership in AWWA.

If you are a member of KsAWWA, I encourage you to get more involved in our Section’s activities. If you are not very familiar with our Section’s activities, you might want to start by browsing this website and recent issues of our Section Newsletter (Solution H2O). If there is a particular committee you would like to serve on, a program you would like to participate in, or a new activity you would like to initiate, please feel free to contact the applicable committee chair (a current list is posted on this website), one of our Board members, me, or our Section Manager, Hank Boyer.  

Steve Randtke
KsAWWA Director
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Mission Statement

Providing solutions for Kansas to effectively manage water, the state's most important resource.

Our Vision

A better Kansas through better water.